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This top seller caviar from mature hybrid sturgeon, taking 8 years of aqua culture. It’s color can be light or dark brown, size is over 3.0 mm. Firm roes have a strong creamy aroma with long after taste, consistently fresh and extremely high quality.

Sturgeon type: Acipenser Schrenckii x Huso Dauricus (Hybrid)

Sturgeon Age: 8 years

Ingredients: sturgeon roes, salt 3,3%. No preservative added

Colour: Light to dark amber

Size: 3.0 mm

Texture: Firm & crisp

Taste: Royal Cristal Caviar has an elegant, buttery & creamy flavour with a very smooth aftertaste. One of the favourites by many Michelin Chefs.

Origin: Imported

    Royal Cristal Caviar

    PriceFrom $151.00
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