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Jerome Abraham

Private Chef Miami & Personal Chef 
Event Catering

Private Chef Miami BIO

Private Chef Jerome Abraham from Lavish Gastronomy Privé

Jérôme Abraham, is an accomplished French culinary artist who has led, managed, and-cooked in France, Switzerland, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong for critically acclaimed culinary establishments, including several Michelin Star-winning restaurants. A graduate of the world-famous culinary program at Lycée Hôtelier Paul Augier in Nice, France, Beneficiary has a reputation for French-focused cuisine that incorporates the flavors and techniques of the countries he worked in. This ability to incorporate multicultural culinary themes has led to a number of restaurants entrusting him with the responsibility of Executive Chef. In this role, Jerome was responsible for crafting menus, writing recipes, designing plating, and training every member of the kitchen staff, acting as the head of the kitchen and the heart of the restaurant. Under his guidance, these restaurants have enjoyed commercial success and critical acclaim. Beyond this, Jerome Abraham hosted a number of demonstrations and workshops at distinguished international culinary festivals and has even been selected to represent Clement Design in their advertising campaign for culinary wear. He is also a member of the distinguished culinary organization Disciples Escoffier International and served in the critical role of exam juror for the organization’s culinary school, Institute Culinary Disciples Escoffier." An entrepreneurial Executive Chef and Business Manager with traditional French cuisine training, an international career and innovative approach to customer experience. Formidable love for quality ingredients, respect for nature, products origin, and seasons to ensure optimal gustative pleasures. Specialized and creative seasonings and recognized for remarkable sauces, I aim to enhance the attribute of beast ingredients, not only with generous portions of enhanced traditional cuisine but also for the celebration of culinary experience in service and joyful, memorable, and friendly experience.

Chef Jerome arrived in the US in 2021, New York as a Executive Chef in Atrium Dumbo and he decide to move to Florida for RDG Groupe, AVA restaurant in Winter Park for the Opening follow By MILA.

Owner of Lavish Gastronomy Privé since December 2022.

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